Multiple Bank Stocks Halted Amid Post SVB Volatility

• Multiple bank stocks stopped trading on the NYSE due to post SVB volatility.
• The Fed bailed out Silicon Valley Bank’s depositors on Monday, however market uncertainty remains high.
• Stocks halted include Western Alliance, First Republic Bank, Charles Schwab and others.

Multiple Bank Stocks Stop Trading Amid Post SVB Volatility

The New York Stock Exchange halted a handful of banking stocks including Western Alliance, First Republic Bank and Charles Schwab on Monday due to share price volatility. This is similar to what happened with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last Friday when their stock dropped by 66% before being closed by regulators and claimed by the FDIC.

Fed Agrees To Bail Out SVB And Signature Depositors

The Federal Reserve agreed to bail out depositors of both SVB and Signature Bank in order to protect the banking system. This has caused a collective hammering of the banking sector which is visible in the Nasdaq KBW Index of Commercial Banks which is presently down by 11%.

Other Halted Stocks Include PacWest, Zions And Comerica

Besides Western Alliance, First Republic Bank and Charles Schwab, other stocks that were halted included PacWest (-47%), Zions (-24%) and Comerica (-33%). These stocks have all dropped significantly since Monday’s opening session.

Major Crypto Firms Receive Boost From Banking Sector Woes

The banking sector woes provide an opportunity for major crypto firms such as Coinbase who are now looking ahead at potential acquisitions or partnerships with banks in order to improve their services. Furthermore, many people are now turning towards decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions instead of relying on traditional financial institutions.


While it remains uncertain how long these volatile markets will continue for, it is clear that alternative solutions such as cryptocurrency and decentralized finance can provide an alternative option during times like these where traditional markets may appear unstable or unreliable.