IT Consultant Arrested for Killing CashApp Founder Bob Lee

• Nima Momeni, a 38-year-old tech consultant and entrepreneur, has been arrested in San Francisco for allegedly murdering Bob Lee, the founder of CashApp.
• Momeni was charged with using a knife to commit the crime, but the motive is yet unknown.
• The investigation is still ongoing and Momeni had allegedly been acting strangely since the incident.

IT Consultant Arrested for Allegedly Killing CashApp Founder

San Francisco’s law enforcement agents have reportedly detained Nima Momeni, a 38-year-old tech consultant and entrepreneur, for the alleged murder of Bob Lee (founder of CashApp). On April 4th Lee was stabbed to death in Rincon Hill neighborhood.

Suspect Charged With Using Knife

Prosecutors charged Momeni with using a knife to commit the crime without disclosing further details regarding his motive. The case is still under investigation and an eventual trial will occur once all details are clarified.

Behavior Changed After Incident

Momeni had previously been charged with selling a switchblade knife and reportedly changed his behavior in days after the crime occurred. One of his neighbors said he “seemed really unsettled” lately and asked if they wanted to move to Colombia together.

Elon Musk Criticizes San Francisco Violence

Prominent individuals like Elon Musk criticized San Francisco for its violence following the incident with Lee’s murder.

Investigation Ongoing

The investigation surrounding Bob Lee’s murder is still ongoing at this time as authorities work to determine what happened during that night in Rincon Hill neighborhood last week.