GameFi Project Metalevel Launches MLVL Token Sale – Get Ready to Play, Learn, and Earn!

• GameFi project Metalevel has commenced the presale for its native token, MLVL.
• Holders of the MLVL token will be able to utilize it in a variety of ways throughout the Metalevel ecosystem.
• Metalevel plans to extend its platform from an enthusiast hub into a GameFi development resource.


GameFi project Metalevel has launched its MLVL token sale, allowing holders to use its native token in a range of ways within the platform’s ecosystem. The team behind Metalevel is creating a space where players can be rewarded for enhancing the platform, while providing opportunities for developers and gamers alike. In 2024, they plan to launch their Work area formally with jobs ranging from testing games to full-time salaried roles.

What Is MLVL?

MLVL is the native token of the GameFi project Metalevel. Its purpose is to provide holders with access to various features within the platform’s ecosystem, such as interacting with game developers or staking tokens to support future developments. Players will also have access to incredible opportunities all within one platform through this token.

Features Of The Platform

The features that make up this platform include Chat, Play, Learn, Work and Grants functions, all of which are designed by the community through a DAO framework. This means that more players will have access to novel experiences and resources available on Metalevel’s online hangout hub specifically designed for Web3 users looking for great games among like-minded peers.

Metalevel’s Goal

The main goal of this project is twofold: put game development back into the hands of people who love gaming and involve gamers with their favorite industry as much as possible through rewards and opportunities on this single platform. Through incorporating these core functions into one place, players can now be part of something bigger than just playing games – they can contribute meaningfully towards shaping this industry and get compensated for doing so!


Metalevel intends on providing gamers with an enjoyable yet rewarding experience on their online hangout hub by giving them access to various opportunities while allowing them to shape their favorite industry at large through supporting future developments or interacting directly with game developers onsite. With so many possibilities available at your fingertips – don’t miss out on what could be your next big adventure!